About me and my partners


My headhunting profession started 20 years ago in Munich, where I intensified my intercultural competence during my studies of the Orientalism. Several trips to the Middle East countries opened up a new cultural horizon to me.I felt excited by culture as well as fascinated by the people. Within 10 years I joined numerous international recruitment companies in Munich, where I learned the true handcraft of the headhunting from scratch. 
In this career period I built a profound base and understanding of the the holistic principle of project execution for various companies in diverse industries such as: IT, Finance, FMCG, Media, Tech, Life Science, Aircraft & Defense.
The holistic understanding of HR consulting is comparable to a handcraft, where one hand is responsible for all workflows and phases - beginning from research, continuing with interviews and finally the candidate presentation. 
On one hand, this helicopter overview enables me to understand the customer's needs in each project stage and on the other hand,it is a perfect fit of the market and the company.
Later, I applied my know-how at the traditional Viennese consulting company Eblinger & Partner, where I managed projects in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry. 
My next career step at an international executive search network was to act as an international hub between Vienna and 25 countries worldwide. 
I was responsible for recruiting of new global partner companies and partner management. During these 3 years I screened about 6.000 global headhunting companies worldwide, which gave me an excellent market overview.
As I like to share my business knowledge and experiences with others, I also led workshops for international partners focused on Future of Work and Innovation. 
Working with and for people requires intuition, discretion and empathy - often it sound like a as cliche. Reading between the lines is the quintessence in my recruitment world, which is so often in complete contrast to the simple key word matching of mass recruiting. 


If the human being is reduced by a database and lives only as algorithms, he/she loses his/her precious and unique individuality as well as humanity. This creed of human individuality is my key criterion when it comes to cooperation with my worldwide partners. 


With their support, I cover direct search in 80 cities and 60 countries worldwide. Together we focus on innovative and simplified headhunting and direct search packages with a common sense. 
Communicating, social networking and connecting with people is not only my profession, but also my private hobby. Therefore I share and discuss my thoughts with 25,000 followers on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, my own blogs and in four published books.
Greetings from Vienna,
Thomas Zahlten