Professional Package Starting Fee (50% of total Fee)

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More info at our website: www.breadhunter.at/services

If you are interested in our services, we send you our contracts and offer via eMail and a DocuSign link, where you can sign the contract.
After that you can buy the Package via our website and this button.
We also can send you the 1st. invoice and you can pay by Credit Card, PayPal or IBAN via your Bank Account. All prices are net + VAT (20%).

The fees are due in 3 parts as mentioned in the contract(50:25:25) you agree with by making the payment here, so please ask for the document before placing the order. Our regular customers are familiar with our Terms of Service, Contract and Privacy Policy. For them I made this page.

Working with BREADHUNTER means you agree to our privacy policy and accept the contract we will send you before.